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Make Your Own Chandelier Earrings

Chandelier earrings are a synonym for elegant and jewelry that makes statement, and can be worn as the only piece of jewelry. If you are passionate about your jewelry, you probably have at least one pair of chandelier earrings that make you look like a Hollywood star. Our idea for today’s tutorial is to make your own long chandelier earrings that would make people stare at you all night.
We especially love the style of the fashion icon and socialite, Edie Sedgwick, so we decided to give you a few hints on how to make earrings that would resemble like the ones she was wearing.
You are going to need the following supplies and tools:
1.      Metal base chandelier in any form you’d want
2.      Fishhook Earring Wire
3.      Beads that you are going to attach of the chandelier base
4.      Pliers
5.      Chains
6.      Tweezers
Now you are ready to start making your fancy chandelier earrings.
The metal base should be the place where you are going to add your favorite beads, rhinestones, pearls or whatever you decided to attach on. In this part you wouldn’t need the pliers or the tweezers, because the bases can be bought separately and they are already made and ready to be used. Edie’s earrings were usually long. The base was mostly shaped like a young moon or a big oval. If you are going to make knock off replica of her earrings, make sure to find a chandelier earring base that resembles a lot like those earrings.
Cut the chain should with your pliers in a length that is suitable for you. Then add the chain on both sides of the base and hook it on the top where you are going to add the fishhook earring wire. Make sure this part is firmly put together, because it holds the entire earring hanging on your ear.
On the lower part of the base add rhinestones that you might first want to put on a wire or on small rings that will be attached on the base and squeezed well with the tweezers.
Then add the decorative beads on the base. Add as many layers of rhinestones or other beads as you wish just make sure that the earrings don’t weight too much. The beads and the base are giving the entire picture of the chandelier earrings, so make sure that you pick supplies that are quality. 

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