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Natural Eye Makeup Picture Tutorail

Wearing regular and natural makeup needs a ton of practice yet it doubtlessly brings about a noticeable improvement . I have endeavored to do an extremely regular eye make-up Tutorial here. You can wear this make-up for your school/college, work place or even on a day out for a laid back look.

Follow these steps to give your eyes a natural look.
  • First of all conceal your eyes. 
  • Fill in your eye brows and apply eye base first stage. 
  • Pat a matte light peach eye shadow everywhere on your top using a shader brush. 
  • Presently, take a matte light tan eye shadow and scope it in the socket and crease area. 
  • Now curl your lashes and apply mascara. 
  • Apply highlighter on your brows bone.


Nuzhat Saba

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